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May 17, 2019

I always prided myself in "keeping up with the boys". I got seriously lucky in so many drunken situations- and I'm grateful for God's protection. AA way of thinking is not for me- I don't want to feel like one slip up puts me spiraling back into a bender and that I don't have control. I don't feel like I'm a life-long victim. That's why I'm in this course. I bought BioRebalance so I wasn't taking a handful of pills. Thank you, Chris, for all of your research and inspiration.

July 27, 2019

Thank you for your time answering my comments Chris! I am today on my 6th consecutive day of no alcohol. I decided to quit after another wasted night out, irrational behaviour and terrible hangover. I tried to quit hundreds of times before, without success.

Just starting with the nutriment side and sport allows me for the first time to quit without being depressed. I can't say that I feel 'normal' yet, it will take some time, but at least not being super anxious nor depressed is such a relief! It shows me that it is possible to be happy without alcohol - something that I lost believing in years ago...

Thank you again for everything, continuing the course now!

August 2, 2019

The supplements are great, I have a new job that keeps me fit. Started a study course too. Plenty going on. Diet needs improvement but I know it’s the mental side that’s holding me back. Hope you can crack this, Chris is the man to help. Podcast is fab by the way - you’ll get a lot out of it.

August 11, 2019

Chris, many epiphanies lately. I've been getting these moments of euphoria for no particular reason.

I can honestly say that at 47 after a few months of repair I have more energy than I've ever had as long as I can remember. That incredible sense of discovery and adventure of the 20s, say when getting your first grown-up job, your own place, and a live-in girlfriends' gone. Too much life for that.

But a person gains other things, wisdom, peace, contentment (now that the booze is gone), seeing misfortune as teachers on life's road. I sure don't miss the insecurities of my 20s. Jeez, if only people knew what they're missing out on.

September 3, 2019

One of my main goals was to give up my daily bottle of wine a day habit. Psychologically I had convinced myself that it would be too hard, that I would miss it it every day and night, that I would have terrible insomnia, that I would fail! So why bother trying!!!

I am in week 4 if my change in attitude, change of habit and change of health!  I am using many of the supplements you have recommended and I am on a path I never thought was possible to sustain.

My children and husband have noticed a huge change in me and I have felt a change in myself, a change where I am in control, not wine, and not wine! I honestly never really thought this was possible!  

I had bargained with myself that I could still drink on "special occasions " but now I think that if I can do this so far I can manage social occasions as well my new attitude is "it's worth a try" instead of "why bother, you will fail!"

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