A FACT Based Approach!

If I were to explain this course to another it would go something like this….

Fit Recovery / Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 is a scientific fact based approach to the physiological and psychological needs, practices and methodology to provide one’s needs and desire to transcend addiction the nutrition, encouragement, tools, resources and philosophies enabling that individual the ability to transcend to the personal level that individual chooses to possess. 

This transient movement from addiction to freedom is addressed from every asset of the human body, from neurotransmitters and pathways, to attitude to health and and physical renewal. Although TAR 2.0  respects and tolerates any means one finds necessary for recovery, TAR 2.0 also staunchly believes that addiction is something to be conquered and left behind, a milestone if you will to a new life one free of any need to think or feel as if alcohol has or will impede them for life.

In fact unbeknownst to alcohol and most of society TAR2.0 considers and practices the fact that addiction can and should be jumping off point for a new life of personal bests that most individuals will never truly understand or experience.

TAR 2.0 is the art, science and sport of transition from addiction to total and true capacity for life and the human bodies true testament to appreciation for natural and beautiful highs. It is one and done, no matter how many times it takes until it is one and done – for life, magnificent life.

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