I AM in Control!!

One of my main goals was to give up my daily bottle of wine a day habit. Psychologically I had convinced myself that it would be too hard, that I would miss it it every day and night, that I would have terrible insomnia, that I would fail! So why bother trying!!!

I am in week 4 if my change in attitude, change of habit and change of health!  I am using many of the supplements you have recommended and I am on a path I never thought was possible to sustain.

My children and husband have noticed a huge change in me and I have felt a change in myself, a change where I am in control, not wine, and not wine! I honestly never really thought this was possible!  

I had bargained with myself that I could still drink on “special occasions ” but now I think that if I can do this so far I can manage social occasions as well my new attitude is “it’s worth a try” instead of “why bother, you will fail!”

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