Refreshing to Hear About Biochemistry

This part of the course is a great explanation of the different factors that can lead to alcohol addiction. Addiction and depression runs in my family. I’ve had uncles and cousins pass away in their 40s and 50s due to alcohol and drug abuse.

It’s refreshing to find a program that explains the real biochemical science of alcohol addiction. This is a condition that isn’t solved overnight by praying, changing your attitude, or trying to be a better person. While those things are great and have their place, the reality is that this is primarily a biochemical problem that must be addressed biochemically.

You wouldn’t tell a diabetic to pray to treat his disease, or just use willpower and his pancreas will produce more insulin. That would be ridiculous. But unfortunately, that is how substance addiction is often treated. It’s just pure ignorance. I’m grateful to have found this program that presents the science behind this condition in such a simple and logical form.

I’m currently 30 days alcohol free and am excited to continue this journey!

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