Amino Acid Therapy for Alcohol Recovery (with Chris Engen, NC, CRNC2, BCHN)


Stop Cravings for Alcohol (and Sugar!) and Balance Your Mood NOW!

This is a self-paced, fully online course with step by step instructions on how to use targeted amino acid supplements to help with mood issues, inattention, stress, cravings, alcohol recovery and more!


  • Step by Step Instruction on How To Use Amino Acids to Improve Mood, Reduce Cravings and Stop Drinking Alcohol / Eating Sugar
  • Craving Type Questionnaire
  • Precautions Checklist
  • Amino Acid Decision Chart
  • Amino Acid Trialing Instructions
  • Amino Acid Dosing Instructions
  • Alternate Solutions for when Amino Acids don’t work


  • Digestion Assessment
  • Pyroluria Questionnaire
  • Mood Assessment
  • Candida Questionnaire


  • Nutrition for Recovery Guidelines
  • Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Foods
  • Protein Grams in Common Foods
  • Plant Based Protein Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Grocery Shopping Guide


  • Order an AMINO ACID TRIALING KIT, which will provide you with a sample of ALL the amino acids, so you don’t have to buy them separately!
  • This Trialing Kit contains the FIVE MAIN amino acids plus Vitamin C, Lithium Orotate and the Zinc Tally Taste Test – 10 ML


This course is NOT for you if you have ANY serious medical or mental condition, cancer, if you’re on more than one SSRI, are suicidal,  have lupus or liver or kidney disease. Always check with your doctor before starting any supplement regimin.

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“A focus on the physical changes in the brain that keep the cycle of addiction going and how to biohack that—these are the pieces never addressed at AA!” – Greta

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