Elite Transformation Package with Matt Finch


Here is what you’re getting:

  • 6 Weeks of 50-Minute One-on-One (Confidential) Phone Calls or Video Coaching Sessions (Strategic, Results/Outcome Focused)
  • 60-Minute Initial Consultation Call
  • Customized Bio-Psycho-Social-Environmental-Spiritual Treatment Plan for Addiction Recovery (Written & Step-by-Step)
  • If Relevant a Taper or Detox Plan and Post-Acute Withdrawal Plan to Make it an Easier & Faster Healing Process
  • Accountability/Support/Education
  • Motivation/Inspiration/Empowerment/Compassion
  • 24/7 Email Support/Text Support


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Free 60-Minute Training With Chris Scott & Amino Acid Expert Chris Engen!

"Proven Supplements To Help You Break The Addiction Cycle"

Learn about the supplements and strategies that help over 80% of people transcend alcohol…

2 for 1 course

“A focus on the physical changes in the brain that keep the cycle of addiction going and how to biohack that—these are the pieces never addressed at AA!” – Greta

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