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It’s the most in-depth resource on the web for supplementation for alcohol recovery, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike approaches that rely on just one method, this course uses a hierarchy you can customize for your own individualized needs.

I call it the “Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery.”

If you’ve struggled to quit drinking, stay quit, or even just cut down, then you have Missing Links somewhere in this Hierarchy.

alcohol recovery

Research suggests that the vast majority of relapses are caused by biochemical imbalances that can last for months or years.

That’s why the Biochemical Pillar comes first, and Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 shows you exactly how to master it with natural supplementation, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

We’ve all used alcohol to feel good at some point, so imagine how much better life could be if you felt GREAT without it!

If you’re anything like the hundreds of people I’ve worked with so far, fixing these imbalances would give you the energy to work on your mindset, routines, goals, relationships, and support network…

And work your way up the Hierarchy fixing your own “Missing Links” until you’ve achieved Transcendence from alcohol…

Which means that you’d feel so physically optimized and spiritually aligned, that the idea of rekindling your addiction would sound even more silly than chugging gasoline from the pump!


Don't wait until it's too late to start feeling, looking, and being better!

chris scott heavy drinker

Hi, I’m Chris Scott, and my transformation speaks for itself.

I drank a lot from a young age, and by my mid-twenties, alcohol had become the only thing that kept my feelings of anxiety and impending doom at bay.

I was drinking every night, neglecting my food choices, and behaving impulsively.

Sometimes I took shots alone before driving to work, and snuck off to a liquor store when they wore off around noon.

Other times I’d call into work sick with withdrawal, trying to convince my boss (and myself) that I had the flu, again.

During important meetings, my hands shook and I couldn’t remember what my coworkers had said 5 seconds ago.

Attempts to quit drinking made me too depressed, low-energy, and anxious to get anything done.

I would get “nervous exhaustion,” which is a brutal combination of severe fatigue and total panic.

Sleep was downright impossible without drinking, and the sleep I did get after drinking was not restorative at all.

Worst of all, I didn’t feel like I could tell ANYONE about my problem, because it seemed like EVERYONE drank and they all somehow avoided the kind of problem I struggled with.

I fell into a spiral where the only thing that made me feel good was big amounts of bad things – fast food, over-eating, over-drinking, and anything that gave instant gratification.

I gained 35 pounds of fat and developed pain under my ribcage, a sign of “fatty liver” which happens to heavy drinkers before cirrhosis.

Ultimately, my relationships suffered and I lost my girlfriend of 3 years, my career on Wall Street, and my fancy apartment.

As you can see, I hit rock bottom REALLY hard.

I spent over $50,000 on rehab, which was just a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem...

Rehab helped me to medically detoxify off of alcohol, which was necessary because I was drinking over two fifths of alcohol per day by the time I quit.

But after detox, rehab just uses “talk therapy” to dig up old emotional wounds, which actually keeps you depressed.

If you’re like me, then your goal isn’t to feel defeated, but to rediscover your strength and declare victory over alcohol forever!

A huge problem with rehab is that it doesn’t address the underlying biochemical causes of alcohol addiction…

As it turned out, one of my biggest Missing Links was severe deficiencies in nutrients, neurotransmitters, and “feel-good” hormones that my body had stopped producing due to alcohol.

If you’re struggling with alcohol, then you also have biochemical imbalances that can be fixed without drugs in a matter of weeks.

You can intelligently experiment with well-researched nutrients that have been shown to support the body-brain system, eliminating cravings, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

One study I read followed 100 alcohol-dependent patients who used very specific nutrients to restore health…

It found that 85% of them were still “abstinent and stable” 3.5 years later!

By contrast, over 85% of people who attend mainstream rehabs are drinking heavily only 1 year later!

Recovery shouldn't be a bleak obligation; it should be an exhilarating "new high" of self-discovery!

Another problem with rehab is that it fails to mention cutting-edge techniques that literally rewire the subconscious mind…

Which is to say that it ignores valuable new resources in the Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Pillars of alcohol recovery.

I had to find this information for myself in dozens of books and studies on neuroplasticity, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, yoga, spiritual development, and much more.

I explored these topics on my blog, Fit Recovery, which attracted hundreds of thousands of readers who still email me all the time!

After personally coaching dozens of clients using the Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery, I felt compelled to create an online course to help even more people.

Especially since my personal clients were recovering at a rate of around 90%, compared with 10% for mainstream programs!

One thing my clients keep telling me over and over again is that my method feels nothing like “white-knuckling.”

This is because when you go on a mission to optimize your body and mind, and to live your best life, you achieve an exhilarating “new high” of self-discovery that you’ll never want to end!

Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0

Traditional Rehab

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Here's what just a few members have to say about Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0


Course Participant

Chris, you have been my lifeline. I have never learned so much about myself nor has anyone else been able to guide me through this process. Not rehab, not AA or therapists. You have taken recovery to a new and exciting level!

Through your patient guidance, I have learned to quit fighting myself, my less desirable qualities. Just know what they are and put systems in place to overcome or at least tame this side of me. I truly think you have saved my life and my marriage! I can’t thank you enough. My whole family believes you must walk on water! We are all so fortunate to have found you!

For all the rest of my Fit Recovery Jedis…..keep going! Something inside me just changed-not sure how to explain the feeling-but I wake up most days now (not ever day is heaven) feeling like, but more importantly, WANTING to take on the world! I am beginning to actually like who I am and know that I have worth. I’m only 3 1/2 months in but I am now super excited for the future. I wish you all success in your sobriety journey!!


Course Participant

Hello Chris. I’m 63 days poison free. Thank you for your program and words of wisdom – I could not have done 1 week without supplementation.

I started lifting weights again a few weeks ago. It’s been more than 15 years since I consistently lifted weights.

Again, thank so much for your commitment. This course has been life-changing for me.

Mary Lou

Course Participant

When I started this program with Chris, I wanted to go COLD TURKEY. But there were days that I had a very hard time and anxiety off the wall. I started using all the supplements he recommended, I found everything calming down. I did meditation, walked, exercised, and read so many books on calming and meditation.

Here I am 245 days later, have not had one drop of alcohol. I am 73 years old and proud as heck about myself.


Course Participant

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your program. I have been 100% sober for almost two months using your program and it has been relatively easy. Almost no cravings and if I have them the supplements give me enough time for plan B so drinking doesn’t happen. I am so happy right now I almost skipped thru Costco.

Feeling good, happy, and like I am proud of myself is encouraging me to say no. Really supplements are the real deal. Wish anyone would have mentioned this earlier!


Course Participant

So the good news, no the great news is that today I am celebrating 60 days of complete sobriety. I wake up pretty much knowing how I am going to feel, which is good. My anxiety is down from 9.5 to 0, again good. I’m motivated and my thoughts are positive. My spirituality is so much better. What’s not to like.

I used to arrive home and have 3 or 4 craft beers and finish off with a few Old Fashions. I have a full and new understanding of where this takes me. I never missed work or obligations, I just wasn’t totally there. I want everyone to know being there is so much better.

Thanks, I have appreciated the program. The information on supplements was key, I have never made it two months. I read my journal from years ago, all I wrote about was my lamentations with alcohol and how I was going to slow down, quit…over and over. I am wishing you all the best.


Course Participant

Thank you Chris, for saving my life!

This has been the easiest period without alcohol I have ever experienced! I could feel my brain re-wiring itself in the first week. No cravings. Ate extra healthy carbs to fill in the void.

It will be six weeks of no alcohol tomorrow. I was drinking heavily every day for many years and was experiencing heart arrhythmias and other symptoms that had me figuring I would only live another couple of years if I didn’t stop drinking. Not to mention risking DUIs on a regular basis.


Course Participant

The biochemistry is why I was so drawn to your course. I think in times I was trying to quit before, I wasn’t trying to change my diet at all. That has made a REAL difference!

By the way, I am at NINETY DAYS today!!!!!! It’s been a decade since I could say this.


Course Participant

One of my main goals was to conquer my daily bottle of wine habit. Psychologically, I had convinced myself that it would be too hard, that I would miss it every day and night, that I would have terrible insomnia, that I would fail! So why bother trying?

I am in Week 4 of my change in attitude, change of habit, and change of health! I am using many of the supplements you have recommended and I am on a path I never thought was possible to sustain.

My children and husband have noticed a huge change in me and I have felt a change in myself, a change where I am in control, not wine! I honestly never really thought this was possible!

Daily coaching, ideas, and insights pre-packaged in easy-to-digest modules all ready and waiting for you!

...And a growing Private Facebook Community that's very supportive of newcomers!

Here's a Breakdown of the 5 Modules...

MODULE 1 - Welcome >> Get Started

You will learn how to navigate the course, read my personal note to you, and get started on a strategic journal exercise.

total alcohol recovery 2.0

Here's a screenshot from our Module 1 Discussion Forum: "What are some of the outcomes you desire from this course?"

MODULE 2 - Understanding Alcohol Addiction >> Set Your Intentions

You will learn about the alcohol addiction epidemic, the science behind your addiction, and whether moderation is ever possible for people with alcohol addiction.

Here's a screenshot from our Module 2 Discussion Forum: "Have you discovered any clues about the underlying causes of your addiction?"

MODULE 3 - Biochemical Pillar Mastery >> Start Your Recovery Blueprint

You will become an expert in supplementation for alcohol recovery. You will also learn 6 home detox methods, 4 methods to minimize post-acute withdrawal, 6 medications for alcohol recovery, and tips for maximizing support.

Here's a screenshot from our Module 3 Discussion Forum: "What 'Miracle Supplements' have you discovered so far?"

MODULE 4 - The Psycho-Social-Spiritual Pillars >> Finish Your Recovery Blueprint

You will learn about more supplements, diet considerations, mental techniques, social strategies, and resources to transform your identity into the person you want to be.

Here's a screenshot from our Module 4 Discussion Forum: "What 'Missing Links' have you improved upon so far?"

MODULE 5 - Missing Link Mastery >> Refine Your Recovery Blueprint

You will have access to a wealth of information and videos about advanced recovery strategies, further resources, and other relevant topics. I’m constantly updating this section!


If you join today, you’ll get access to hours of recorded videos from my private group coaching program. This program sold for $1297, but today you can get it for free!

If my course doesn't help you dominate alcohol and live your best life, I don't want your money!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you complete the first 3 modules of this course and still think it isn’t for you, send us a message within 30 days of purchase and we’ll send you all of your money back.

Build a foundation of core practices tailored to YOUR needs and success!

Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 gives you priceless tools that will help you to transcend alcohol…

But perhaps more importantly, these tools can be used to increase the quality of the rest of your life.

Imagine waking up free from hangovers and alcohol withdrawal, feeling rested and excited to tackle the day.

Imagine improving your most cherished relationships and being present for those you love.

Imagine going out to events and feeling liberated from alcohol cravings and external pressure to drink.

Imagine saving all the money that you currently spend on alcohol in a year. (Have you calculated that yet?)

Imagine feeling gratitude every day for personal growth in areas that are important to you.

Imagine taking control of your health and channeling that energy into being the person you were born to be.

I have experienced all of these things, and so have the amazing members in my online course.

I am here to tell you that if we can do it, then YOU also have the power to achieve a total transformation.

Join the hundreds of people who have used Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 to reclaim their bodies and minds from toxic alcohol!

Are You Ready To Finally Solve The Problems Underlying Your Drinking?

My desired outcome for you in this course is to restore your faith in yourself, and empower you to recover!

All that is required of you is the resolve to learn new strategies and the willingness to ask questions – we’re always here for you!

woman watching chris scott

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


More member experiences inside of Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0!


Course Participant

I’m on Day 40-something and I feel so happy and peaceful. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and can go to dinner with friends who order wine and I’m fine with it, not tempted. I even read a really good wine menu and didn’t wish I could have a glass.

I’m looking forward to meeting with my doctor in three months and telling him I’m alcohol free!

Thanks for your help and the work you are doing.


Course Participant

I am about to have 6 weeks clean – amazing!

I appreciate the depth of info in this course. As someone who’s struggled a lot with insomnia it’s amazing to find how much it helps. I also like to use food as medicine when I can, and since reading this section, I am eating papaya and pineapple for enzymes – in my smoothies, along with fresh ginger root. Tastes wonderful too.


Course Participant

So you are right. The 7 lbs are gone and I feel awesome!!

2nd amazing thing this week?? I went to dinner with a friend and she arrived before I did. She ordered us both a glass of wine. I arrived and looked at the glass as I sat down. It had NO power of me…NONE. I took a sip (not sure why), but it was repulsive. I made no comment and continued on with our conversation without missing a beat. Our meal arrived and my friend ordered another. She never even noticed that my glass was still full.

I can’t begin to tell you what it felt like…FREEDOM, I guess. All I wanted to do was get up and do a “happy” dance. It was hard to keep my excitement to myself. I actually tasted the food that I ordered. Such an experience.

THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!! When I got home I did several happy dances. I do know that I have just started and challenges are sure to come my way, but I don’t feel powerless anymore! My other supplements have arrived and I am following your suggestions as outlined in the course.


Course Participant

I am on Day 11 with no alcohol. I’ve been taking all of the recommended supplements daily, working out and eating well. I am absolutely amazed at how well the supplements are working for me. I feel so much better! My skin is better (my husband even commented on it) and my energy level is better! I’m more connected with what’s happening in my body. I can’t stop talking about these supplements!

My son said to me “Mommy you laugh easier now, and you seem so happy all the time.” Although it kills me that he has seen me so unhappy, I am so thankful that I’m making this change for myself and especially my family. I’ve been very honest with my family about quitting for good, for my health and happiness.

Chris, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this e-course. It has been worth every penny. I’ve tried to quit before and had horrible withdrawals which led me back to drinking. I now fully understand that what I was experiencing was PAWS. No wonder I didn’t make it very long. I was merely using willpower to cut out alcohol, yet I had built my life around it. I truly believe that now, thanks to this course, I have the tools and right plan to quit for good. I’m so hopeful for the future. I feel like a hermit that has finally ventured outside, and it’s beautiful. There is so much potential now. Thank you again!


Course Participant

17 Days sober and I absolutely cannot believe it. I feel amazing!

My nights are productive, I am present with my 3 year old son, and my relationship is exactly how I remember it prior to drinking. Thank you so much for jump starting me in the process of sobriety. I am eternally grateful for the work you do. I never would have thought I could not drink for 17 days but now I am confident my addiction is under repair and I am mentally capable of doing this!


Course Participant

So I am on Day 14 and I feel amazing!! I have been taking the nutritional supplements and I think they have made all the difference.

I think [the supplements] have been particularly effective in calming my monkey brain. I am starting to remember how I felt and how clearly I used to see things before I ever drank a drop – and that was a long time ago.

I am ever very so grateful to you for sharing your own experience and research on how to heal the body and brain. So glad you have chosen to share your strategies for all of us.


Course Participant

Your course has helped me so much and I cannot tell you how grateful I am! Day 17 and I feel great.

Am doing everything you recommended except I need to pick up more on the exercise portion. Fortunately I have an awesome support system (spouse, family and a few close friends) who will help keep me in check. I have already shared with them my recovery story using your tools and they couldn’t be happier that I made these changes in my life.

Chris, you are such an inspiration for me. I check into the course every day which helps me keep on track in remembering why I am doing all of this. Helps me to connect the dots on a daily, so to speak. The course has given me so many tools to use of which I also never had this type of guidance from therapists or rehab.

Here’s to living the good life!


Course Participant

Chris, you are a Godsend. Who would have known all of this wonderful information, let alone supplementation was available.

In many AA meetings I felt more like drinking after attending than before attending. I finally feel some hope for recovery. That is not to say that conventional medicine and AA doesn’t help some people but they did not work for me.

The last time I quit I went through PAWS not even realizing what it was or that it could be to a certain extent avoided. I would rather die than go through that again. With your information it all makes so much more sense now. Thank you so much Chris for all your hard work and research.


Course Participant

I am 6 days sober and yesterday the last of my supplements arrived. I started taking what I had and this morning I actually woke up with a little bit of energy. I cannot remember the last time I felt energy. Years!

I have walked two days now and will continue. Honestly, with my relapses, my age (53), and what I am reading about alcoholism, it is a terminal illness if untreated. I have some hope today! Thank you!!


Course Participant

Really good advice for getting through Christmas holidays, when booze is everywhere you look. I would normally drink early each day and make the excuse “it’s what Christmas is for” and other oh so hilarious quips.

Confident I can get through it. I’ve really begun to embrace reframing drink as a nasty-tasting, idiot-invoking substance.

Thanks so much for all the info in your book, course and videos. I can look forward to a happy Christmas with a clear head and energy to enjoy time with family and get out. Something I haven’t done at Christmas for many years – booze has always been the main ingredient!

Thanks Chris – your help and passion to help others is the best present I can imagine.


Course Participant

Thanks, Chris. You are providing a great service and I shudder to think where many of us would be if you had decided to give up on Fit Recovery.

You are providing a great service through your website, Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 and your personal coaching. I, for one, am so grateful for what you do.


Course Participant

I do want to share that today is my one month sober anniversary!

After four years of trying and failing, I’m finally succeeding with Chris’s program and coaching! Thank you Chris!!!


Course Participant

I cannot tell you what your words mean to me, Mr. Scott. Thank you soooo much for your support and encouragement. It means the world to me.

Having a proactive voice in my head means so much more than a label of being an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic. AA, for me, has been a negative experience. I find, no matter how many meetings I have been to, the folks tend to be stuck in a dead end.

I know it helps many and I would never discourage anyone from going and making lifelong friends and support partner. It just is not for me. Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, the education, facts and support is exactly what I needed.


Course Participant

This program has been a life saver. 18 Days sober and for me that is a HUGE deal.

I was probably what they call a High Functioning Drinker. In my case, alcohol was smart enough not to lose its host. I could always get to work. Always function enough to keep hitting myself with that drinking hammer. But everything revolved around drinking.

Thankfully I never gave up workouts even though that was two steps up and one back. Now that I am not drinking I see a big difference in stamina. And just waking up and not waiting for the hammer of guilt and frayed nerves and fuzziness.

I used to fear boredom. If I didn’t drink, what would I do instead? Ha ha. Now that I am not hobbled by drinking I don’t have time for all the stuff I want to do and CAN do. I’ve tasted the freedom of not drinking and I plan on keeping it.

I’m using the tools here and the tools work. Thanks again Chris.

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