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Today is Day 39 no alcohol. Tomorrow will be Day 40!

One of the best parts of Chris’s Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, he never tells me to “slow down!” Or “Watch out!! You’re for sure going to relapse!!” I hated that about traditional recovery programs…they were always telling me I was about to fail!

Like your head coach telling you “you’re probably going to strike-out at your next at-bat”. Getting my Bio-Chemical repair in order has made me WANT to cook my own food, WANT to get back to being active, WANT to dive deeper in my personal and professional relationships and WANT to elevate my Spirituality!! My motivation to live life is through the roof!!!

Chris – Thank you for NOT telling me I need to sit on this couch, watch garbage TV…that I have to go to AA meetings all day long. Thank you for encouraging me to go get life!! I’m so happy!!!


I haven’t written for a while but I have enjoyed following all the input into the comments throughout this course.

As of December 5, I have been alcohol free for 8 months.

The biggest piece of the puzzle offered with this course is THE WHOLE DARN THING! A focus on the physical changes in the brain that keep the cycle of addiction going and how to biohack that – these are the pieces never addressed at Alcoholics Anonymous.

I saw an AA poster that said “I am powerless against alcohol.” – BALONEY….humans are capable of incredible accomplishments and absolutely have the power to conquer alcohol, but they need a GPS.


I am now 5 months alcohol free and my life has changed for the better in countless ways that I could never have imagined when drinking.

The best advice I can give you is to keep layering tools into your recovery toolbox. Learning about PAWS and having an arsenal of weapons to fight it at the ready has been a lifesaver. In the past, I would relapse when PAWS hit because I was not educated. Now I know to ride it out and use the tools I have accumulated to deal with withdrawal symptoms on hand.

This time, I used the supplements, joined this course, changed careers (like Chris, my political job was absolutely driving me to drink) and made my needs absolutely clear to my family for the first time EVER! 

Since giving up alcohol, I have returned to my nursing roots and Coaching Practice instead of returning to traditional healthcare and am eternally grateful for my new alcohol free life.


Now that I am not drinking, I see how much of our society is drowning in alcohol.. Crazy to think about my last 20 years. Now I have so much more clarity and meaningful ambitions to fulfill!!

Luckily, I have not had too many cravings anymore! The supplements helped tremendously, I believe. But most of all is popping open one of Chris’s videos on the fit recovery course and that really brings it back home!!

Thanks team!!!


To have created a plan that utilizes and harnesses the power of vitamins and minerals and the fundamental amino acids to recalibrate our beautiful bodies and minds from the inside out is nothing short of miraculous.

Chris took the founding principles of biochemical repair from elder pioneers such as the late Joan Mathews-Larson and Julia Ross and added the necessary pillars creating his own unique approach, adding his own elements and his own unique touch, creating the foundation to the ultimate recovery system for people in need of becoming alcohol-free.

He is a forward thinker and a brilliant teacher and coach and the creator of a system that the whole world should know about. If he can do it – anyone can! What a blessing to be here and what an incredible Godsend!


I’ve been taking the supplements religiously for the past month. It’s been over 3 weeks now without alcohol and I’m feeling so amazing.

I didn’t realize it was happening until I started to notice I wasn’t thinking about drinking, or trying not to drink, constantly. I watched a football game the other day, which was one of my biggest trigger times, sitting there drinking tea and realizing how I didn’t care about having a beer.

It just really dawned on me that the changes I was making and the supplements were really working! I rarely feel anxiety anymore and all around just feel better. I’ve also been doing really good with my eating and getting exercise. I just wanted anyone who feels like they’re still struggling to keep with it!

I was getting pretty down about not being able to really make this happen and now, in this short amount of time, I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up.

Thank you again Chris for all your awesome information and this course. It has been absolutely life changing.


If I were to explain this course to another it would go something like this….

Fit Recovery / Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 is a scientific fact based approach to the physiological and psychological needs, practices and methodology to provide one’s needs and desire to transcend addiction the nutrition, encouragement, tools, resources and philosophies enabling that individual the ability to transcend to the personal level that individual chooses to possess. 

This transient movement from addiction to freedom is addressed from every asset of the human body, from neurotransmitters and pathways, to attitude to health and and physical renewal. Although TAR 2.0  respects and tolerates any means one finds necessary for recovery, TAR 2.0 also staunchly believes that addiction is something to be conquered and left behind, a milestone if you will to a new life one free of any need to think or feel as if alcohol has or will impede them for life.

In fact unbeknownst to alcohol and most of society TAR2.0 considers and practices the fact that addiction can and should be jumping off point for a new life of personal bests that most individuals will never truly understand or experience.

TAR 2.0 is the art, science and sport of transition from addiction to total and true capacity for life and the human bodies true testament to appreciation for natural and beautiful highs. It is one and done, no matter how many times it takes until it is one and done – for life, magnificent life.


Taking my supplements now for eight days. I’ve been walking each day for 30 minutes but I joined a local gym today. For those of you who are not working out yet, I highly recommend it. I feel amazing! I want more!!!

Loving feeling strong and striving to be in harmony with my mind and body. I am eating clean too! (This is from a 51 year-old woman who has not worked out regularly in 20 years. ) If I can do it so can you!!!! I firmly believe you must NOT skip this component (daily sweat).

Thank you Chris for the guidance and support!


Thank you, Chris! I have not had a drink in 3 weeks and one day! I felt supported by reading your emails and looking at the videos the first couple weeks, and joined Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 about 10 days ago. 

I have a strong sense of hope and determination. And I am not having the sense- like I did when I had 2 years of sobriety in AA many years ago- that I’m holding my breath and walking on egg shells, scared that any day I “will fall off the wagon.” 

Everything seems possible.

Thank you so much for the information and support you provide.


Thanks Chris, I have my mantra but I also heeded your advice on what I like to call my “power” words….one to help me get back to center and another to help me motivate. Absolutely works for me!

More compassion, allowing myself to stand still. Realizing that I don’t have to achieve everything all at once or giving myself a pass it I fail to achieve. This has been and still is my ultimate test but realizing this gives me solid ground.on which to stand, resist temptation when it arises and move forward with confidence that I can and will overcome any obstructions in my path. 

Chris, you are a fantastic guide on this journey of recovery and I am ever so grateful for your knowledge and insight.


The supplements are great, I have a new job that keeps me fit. Started a study course too. Plenty going on. Diet needs improvement but I know it’s the mental side that’s holding me back. Hope you can crack this, Chris is the man to help. Podcast is fab by the way – you’ll get a lot out of it.


I always prided myself in “keeping up with the boys”. I got seriously lucky in so many drunken situations- and I’m grateful for God’s protection. AA way of thinking is not for me- I don’t want to feel like one slip up puts me spiraling back into a bender and that I don’t have control. I don’t feel like I’m a life-long victim. That’s why I’m in this course – I read Drinking Sucks! and started taking some of the supplements. I bought BioRebalance so I wasn’t taking a handful of pills. Thank you, Chris, for all of your research and inspiration.


Chris, I have read your book and listened to all your podcasts. I’m a former fitness competitor, I’m passionate about diet and exercise. I’m not a daily drinker but a wknd binger. I can’t just have one glass of wine…ever! I know I can’t do this alone. I know I need a tribe and Chris, your  well rounded approach to addiction makes sense to me. I’m going to give this course all I have!


I find Chris’s approach makes total sense. Also, I too was a very sporty, athletic person with a plethora of knowledge about health, diet, nutrition and a holistic way of life, but the alcohol slowly crept up on me and took over completely. At least we have the knowledge and that is powerful. I am also fairly new to this program, but already with the carefully planned approach and determination to follow through with whole program, I can see that it is definitely possible. Not only that but the peer support in this special group is truly inspiring!!!


@Chris Scott, Thank you for your response. I have been obsessed with finding a permanent solution to this condition for more than a year now. Before that, I vacillated between thinking I don’t really have an issue and conveniently blaming people, things and situations. For the past one year, I’ve done a lot of research and trial and error and just when I thought I found a solution, I would fall flat on my face, have a relapse and embarrass myself and people around me. I wouldn’t do anything particularly embarrassing while drunk but just the fact that I went back out and drank un-human quantities for 20 hours straight despite being beaten black and blue by alcohol so many times is utterly embarrassing. Of all the conditions/diseases, alcoholism is probably the worst to have because for a non-alcoholic it looks like I am punching myself in the face and crying for help. Worse yet, it looks like when I am punching myself in the face, I like it a great deal. I now understand how baffling it could be for the couple of people that tried to help me in the past and gave up on me, branding me as hopeless.

When I watched your videos online recently, however, it gave me a ray of hope. Everything you said in those videos made absolute sense. The fact that you were willing to lay your soul bare for the benefit of others was absolutely inspiring.  So here I am. Ready to give this course my fullest commitment.

I am 5 days sober now. I relapsed recently after 5 months of will power fueled sobriety. I don’t have any intentions of going back out at the moment but I know it is only a matter of time before my mind plays tricks on me. I want to start employing the right tools this time before I cave. I apologize for my lengthy response. Thanks for your patience.


Thank you for your time answering my comments Chris! I am today on my 6th consecutive day of no alcohol. I decided to quit after another wasted night out, irrational behaviour and terrible hangover. I tried to quit hundreds of times before, without success.

While watching videos on Youtube related to that topic, I found one of yours which caught my interest. I then bought your book online and read it same day. It is the best book I ever read on that topic (I’ll give you more feedback on it at a later stage). I decided then to join this online course and it is so helpful.

Just starting with the nutriment side and sport allows me for the first time to quit without being depressed. I can’t say that I feel ‘normal’ yet, it will take some time, but at least not being super anxious nor depressed is such a relief! It shows me that it is possible to be happy without alcohol – something that I lost believing in years ago…

Thank you again for everything, continuing the course now!


Feeling strong and FREE! Reading “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer and eating great whole food (mostly) vegan (1 year) and super diligent on my supplements! We created a large size calendar for the month and have 3 couples dates for 3 Saturdays so far (with friends we have shared our wish to be sober, and who aren’t big drinkers). Feeling very confident that mindset is shifting to a really healthy way of looking at alcohol as part of our past!


One of my main goals was to give up my daily bottle of wine a day habit. Psychologically I had convinced myself that it would be too hard, that I would miss it it every day and night, that I would have terrible insomnia, that I would fail! So why bother trying!!!

I am in week 4 if my change in attitude, change of habit and change of health!  I am using many of the supplements you have recommended and I am on a path I never thought was possible to sustain.

My children and husband have noticed a huge change in me and I have felt a change in myself, a change where I am in control, not wine, and not wine! I honestly never really thought this was possible!  

I had bargained with myself that I could still drink on “special occasions ” but now I think that if I can do this so far I can manage social occasions as well my new attitude is “it’s worth a try” instead of “why bother, you will fail!”


Chris, you have been my lifeline. I have never learned so much about myself nor has anyone else been able to guide me through this process. Not rehab, not AA or therapists. You have taken recovery to a new and exciting level!

Through your patient guidance, I have learned to quit fighting myself, my less desirable qualities. Just know what they are and put systems in place to overcome or at least tame this side of me. I truly think you have saved my life and my marriage! I can’t thank you enough. My whole family believes you must walk on water! We are all so fortunate to have found you!

For all the rest of my Fit Recovery Jedis…..keep going! It took me 8 long months, a lot of misery and frustration, since starting this course to really have it all sink in. I relapsed way too many times but I just got right back on it and tried again, and again…Ugh. I hope and feel that this time it will stick.

Something inside me just changed-not sure how to explain the feeling-but I wake up most days now (not ever day is heaven) feeling like, but more importantly, WANTING to take on the world! I am beginning to actually like who I am and know that I have worth.

I’m only 3 1/2 months in but I am now super excited for the future. I wish you all success in your sobriety journey!!


This part of the course is a great explanation of the different factors that can lead to alcohol addiction. Addiction and depression runs in my family. I’ve had uncles and cousins pass away in their 40s and 50s due to alcohol and drug abuse.

It’s refreshing to find a program that explains the real biochemical science of alcohol addiction. This is a condition that isn’t solved overnight by praying, changing your attitude, or trying to be a better person. While those things are great and have their place, the reality is that this is primarily a biochemical problem that must be addressed biochemically.

You wouldn’t tell a diabetic to pray to treat his disease, or just use willpower and his pancreas will produce more insulin. That would be ridiculous. But unfortunately, that is how substance addiction is often treated. It’s just pure ignorance. I’m grateful to have found this program that presents the science behind this condition in such a simple and logical form.

I’m currently 30 days alcohol free and am excited to continue this journey!


Chris, many epiphanies lately. I’ve been getting these moments of euphoria for no particular reason.

I can honestly say that at 47 after a few months of repair I have more energy than I’ve ever had as long as I can remember. That incredible sense of discovery and adventure of the 20s, say when getting your first grown-up job, your own place, and a live-in girlfriends’ gone. Too much life for that.

But a person gains other things, wisdom, peace, contentment (now that the booze is gone), seeing misfortune as teachers on life’s road. I sure don’t miss the insecurities of my 20s. Jeez, if only people knew what they’re missing out on.


I’ve taken a variety of supplements for many years and believe this is the main reason I don’t appear to have any major damage from my alcohol abuse as per bloodwork and ultrasounds. Since joining earlier this week, I’ve purchased the recommended supplements.

Even though it’s only been a few days, I am noticeably calmer and have a discernible decrease in my desire to drink. Today has been 5 days without alcohol and it’s the first time I’ve been able to go that long without drinking in some time.


Hi Chris – Happy New Year!

I am doing really well (almost 2 months dry) and my cravings are gone.


Thanks again Chris for you research, program, and encouragement. I am very grateful to you. I think I have a real shot at staying sober because of it. I honestly felt as if I would just drink myself to death before I found you and your work.


Hello Chris: Day 92 and still poison free. I am so grateful to you and your program and I am also ecstatic that I have made such progress in just 3 months.


I am on day 11 with no alcohol. I”ve been taking all of the recommended supplements daily, working out and eating well. I am absolutely amazed at how well the supplements are working for me. I feel so much better! My skin is better (my husband even commented on it) my energy level is better! I”m more connected with what’s happening with my body. I can’t stop talking about these supplements!

I’ve been in 2 different situations that would have normally sent me into high anxiety (crowded restaurant with lots of chaos & noise going on, overstimulus) it didn’t even phase me. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact feeling to describe, but now it’s just easier to go with the flow and let things happen, good or bad. Situations just don’t bother me the way they did before, yet I’m fully present in the moment. It’s so refreshing.

My son said to me ” mommy you laugh easier now, and you seem so happy all the time.” Although it kills me that he has seen me so unhappy, I am so thankful that I’m making this change for myself and especially my family. I’ve been very honest with my family about quitting for good, for my health and happiness.

Chris, want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this e-course. It has been worth every penny. I’ve tried to quit before and had horrible withdraws which lead me back to drinking. I now fully understand that what I was experiencing was PAWS. No wonder I didn’t make it very long, I was merely using will power to cut out alcohol, yet I had build my life around it.

I truly believe that now, thanks to this course, I have the tools and the right plan to quit for good. I’m so hopeful for the future. I feel like a hermit that has finally ventured outside, and it’s beautiful. There is so much potential now. Thank you again!


Not having an alcoholic drink for 21 days is a record.  

At this point in time I have no urge to drink. I have been in situations where others are drinking and have still not desired to drink. When my ego says come on just have one, I know it’s the biggest lie in the world. I know where alcohol takes me, and I don’t want to go there ever again.

As I write this it’s Monday morning, it used to be a time of dread for me wondering how I would make it through the week, let alone the day. I’m so much happier. This after only 21 days, and I know I am still healing. I wish all of you the best.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the course, it’s been informative and easy to use.


What is interesting to me is that all of the withdrawal symptoms you listed in PAWS are symptoms that I have used alcohol to treat!

Of course, that didn’t work. Recently, I found I have low iron and low vitamin B and high antibodies. Not surprising, after reading your research. I had no idea I was functioning with such low fuel; I just thought I was hungover!

I was drawn to your program one, because I haven’t had a lot of attraction or luck with AA and two, the message about restoring nutritive health to help with quitting really really resonated. I just bought what I could at whole foods.

Thank you for this work that you are doing, Chris.


I am 6 days sober and yesterday the last of my supplements arrived. I started taking what I had and this morning I actually woke up with a little bit of energy.

I cannot remember the last time I felt energy. Years!

I have walked two days now and will continue. Honestly, with my relapses, my age (53) and what I am reading about alcoholism, It is a terminal illness if untreated. I have some hope today! Thank You!!


I’ve been doing Chris’s PASS routine nearly everyday in the morning. I have been hitting the gym six days a week working a body part per day with weight for about a half hour then getting a half hour of cardio. I’ve never done yoga, but I am now considering it.

The supplements and no booze have me looking forward to working out for the first time in quite a few years.


I go to a women’s support group (not AA) and I brought this approach to their attention..told them to read Chris’s book which they were super excited about…It’s not magic but it is head and shoulders above any other program I’ve tried and trust me I’ve tried many.


Thank you so much Chris for all this wonderful information! All these things are helping me especially the supplements, essential oils, meditation, reframing -need all of it!!

After so many times trying to quit I am throwing everything at it and so grateful for your approach. This course is such a lifeline.


At this point, 25 days Sober! I had multiple experiences due to business travels, Christmas 🎊 and other social events where alcohol are always around.

Under these circumstances my “tool box” from the course was working perfectly:

+ the 4 steps for rewiring are a must+ supplements, are doing their job~ exercise, unfortunately not as frequent as I wish due to travel, however I was practicing the Chris PASS routine some times.- struggle still with some aspects of nutrition.

Let me tell you all that I’m feeling proud to receive my family for Christmas sober and motivated to continue sober during the holiday season.


Chris’s “CYF” seems to work well for me. I am going to use it to resist smoking urges as well.

 I am meditating each morning for 15 minutes. It has helped greatly, even when i do not want to do it.

I am taking the recommended supplements for a few days now. I believe they are helping a lot.

Improved my diet pretty effortlessly, I think this is due to the supplements.exercising each day has helped greatly.

I am at day 11. No alcohol cravings. but not feeling all that great still. Way better than a week ago. So I am hoping if I continue down this path things will continue to improve at a rapid pace.

I am grateful for this course. Truly a godsend for me. Thank you.


I’m so grateful to be alcohol free now for 54 days; in fact I had to actually look on the calendar to check again, as I never count a day until the day is completely over.

I have tried to quit many times before, in fact I quit with your course, and had already read Drinking Sucks. 

Signing up for your course was the best thing I have done.


The supplements were my missing links! It’s so crazy but I just don’t have the cravings. I keep waiting for them to show up each evening but they don’t.

I have found myself surprised when I realized I had gone two hours or more without even thinking about having a glass of wine! When I do think about it, it’s a thought and not a craving.

This is coming from someone who would have four to eight glasses every night (for years)! The chamomile tea has been great as well!


At this point I have to admit the biggest win is one of pure vanity! After only 2 weeks, my face is more defined and my whole body is beginning to shed a little fat. I have been doing regular yoga for quite a while but can now actually see wee bits of muscle definition in new places (i am seriously scrutinizing myself in the mirror!)

As shallow as it sounds, I will take ANY positives at this early stage. It feels like I am sponging up as much ‘goodness’ in an effort to keep the cravings at bay or at least have a few things to try to focus on when the “one drink wont hurt” voice starts to whisper in my ear.


Hi Chris! Thank you for replying, I’m really impressed that you make this course so personal. You show everyone here that you genuinely care about everybody doing this course. Thanks mate it means a lot!


Like every perfectionist alcoholic, I went through the whole course today and ordered a lot of the suggested supplements. I had started working out at the gym about 3 weeks before this and started feeling better.

However, after going through this Program, I have a much more powerful feeling for working out. 

THE BEST PART: Receiving personal messages from Mr. Scott affirming me, my commitments, and making me feel important (something I have missed my entire life). I cried a while.

I am now looking forward to a bath with Epsom Salts and a try at meditation.

Days 6-10 UPDATE: Remarkable how good I feel. I wake up well rested. I have been off Ambien and Xanax now for 10 days. My mind is clearing. I feel great. My diet has been very clean. Broke down and did some flat bread pizza the other day, but I considered it a treat. My hair is starting to shine and really grow. Crazy, it has only been 10 days. Sugar cravings, gone. I used to eat a bag of chocolate in the evening if I had not been drinking. The urge is not there. Been trying to give myself more time for doing me things without guilt. Thank you, thank you.


When I signed up to Chris’ website I had hopes that I could kick my drinking habit. I started taking supplements and would have a streak of success then fall off the wagon again. So, after a few months of trying, I took up the offer of a 20-minute consultation with Coach Tana and after a chat with her I made the decision to have her coach me. It was one of the best health decisions I’ve ever made!

It’s funny, you think to get healthy you need supplements, good food, exercise, and sleep… and of course you do need those things, but you also need to work on your attitude, your mindset towards alcohol and towards yourself.

I learned from Tana that with the right supplements you give yourself the chance to recover without as much strain as you would have without them. I’ve been sober for 6 months – for me to write that is a really big deal as I’ve been a heavy drinker for almost 10 solid years.

Thanks to Tana I feel empowered to be the person I want to be, and it’s not as hard to do as I thought. I guess no one’s meant to do it all alone. Her coaching helped me get over the hurdles that I didn’t even know were there.


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