Your 3-Day Fit Recovery Alcohol Freedom Challenge

It’s your friend Chris Scott here, and I want to congratulate you on signing up for the Fit Recovery 3-Day Alcohol Freedom Challenge!

Before we get to the Day 1 Challenge, I want to share a quick story…

It was 2012, and I abruptly woke up in a puddle of cold sweat at 3 AM.

I’d gone to bed drunk several hours before, having tried to self-medicate my shaky nerves and insomnia with alcohol for what must have been the 800th time.

I knew how this went…

I would lay in bed and fester in a profound sense of unease and impending doom, tossing and turning to no avail, until my dreaded alarm went off and it was time to go to work and pretend that I was a fully functional and responsible human being.

It seems totally insane looking back now, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why alcohol had stopped working as my anti-stress and sleep aid!

(Keep reading below to learn exactly why this happens…)

Sure, a drink would calm me down for 20 minutes, and multiple drinks would make me feel as if everything was just dandy until I passed out that evening…


But then the nightmarish cycle would repeat itself all over again, and my life felt like a dreadful black and white movie until I gave in and drank again.

Here’s the weirdest thing…

I could often make it a few days, even a few weeks, without drinking at all.

It was just that life without alcohol felt bleak, boring, and mentally draining.

My baseline sense of well-being without alcohol had somehow plummeted, and I no longer had the random bursts of natural joy that I experienced as a kid.

I wanted to feel like I was living life in full color, not this sad black and white movie!

Alcohol made me feel good until it didn’t, and I spent way more time feeling like total hell than feeling artificially propped up by alcohol.

If I drank in the evenings and felt good for 3 hours, that means that I spent only 12.5% of my existence feeling positive, and it wasn’t even natural joy!

Even worse, alcohol kept me from pursuing my dreams of getting fit, succeeding in my career, and deepening my relationships.

Fast forward just a few years, and I had a major epiphany that altered the entire course of my life, and tens of thousands of other people’s lives since then:

Waking up refreshed every morning, and feeling naturally euphoric for 95% of the time, is not only possible – it’s easy to achieve, once you know how!

The solution is not alcohol, which overloads your natural detoxification systems, destroys natural feel-good chemicals, and disrupts your sleep cycles.

The first secret to living life in full color is called Nutrient Restoration!

Unlike alcohol, Nutrient Restoration works by supporting your natural detox systems, feel-good chemical balance, and regenerative sleep.


As you can see in the pictures above, I turned my life around with Nutrient Restoration, which is highly targeted supplementation (more on that below)…

My new physique was just the tip of the iceberg: a symbol of my physical, mental, and spiritual victory after years of stagnation and misery.

I stopped craving a quick fix for my problems and started jumping out of bed each morning, excited to pull out any weeds that stood between me and a fulfilled life.

I became more present in my relationships, strengthening old bonds and forging countless new ones.

I left my dead-end career and founded several new companies, which continue to bless me with a profound sense of purpose over 10 years later!

I could not have achieved any of this without Nutrient Restoration, which involves using precise dosages of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids so that you can feel your best naturally and start living life in full color!

You might now be wondering, how does Nutrient Restoration work?

In a nutshell, Nutrient Restoration works by:

  • Feeding your brain the natural building blocks for dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and other feel-good chemicals that you need to feel good…
  • Supporting your body’s natural detoxification systems, helping you to better deal with stress and any toxins that make their way into your body…
  • Combating systemic inflammation, helping you to feel mentally calm, energetic and clear-minded…
  • Resolving specific deficiencies in nutrients that plague most people in modern society. Here’s an example: Did you know that 90% of modern humans are deficient in magnesium, which is involved in hundreds of vital processes, and that just one drink increases magnesium excretion by 300%?

With all of that said, are you ready to give Nutrient Restoration a try and change your life forever?

Day 1 Challenge: Start your Nutrient Restoration journey today by investing in your Best Self with BioRebalance Restore!


The ingredients in BioRebalance Restore are more effective taken together than taken alone.

Example: Vitamin B6 and 5HTP, which require each other for serotonin synthesis. You need adequate serotonin to feel natural, alcohol-free confidence and relaxation.

Here is a rundown of the types of ingredients we included in BioRebalance Restore:

  • Amino Acids & SAM-e synergistically support healthy neurotransmission.
  • Vitamins & Minerals support the body as well as neurotransmission.
  • Phosphatidylcholine supports the liver and provide the building blocks for new brain cells.
  • Natural Herbs support the body’s response to stress, helping you to adapt to life without alcohol.

I totally understand if you’re still wondering whether BioRebalance is the real deal…

Which is why I highly recommend that you click on the BioRebalance link here, scroll to the review section at the bottom, and read other peoples’ experiences yourself!


If you’ve gone ahead and purchased BioRebalance Restore, congratulations on taking a big step towards transcending alcohol forever!

Expert Tip: Combine BioRebalance Restore with CBDPure 1000 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for the fastest relief possible from cravings, anxiety and insomnia!

Unlike BioRebalance, CBD oil alone isn’t sufficient to give your body the full range of nutrients it needs, but it’s an amazing for reducing inflammation and anxiety.

I personally get the 1000 mg dropper bottle, and I take it on airplanes as a “natural Xanax” because I hate turbulence…I recently took 4 droppers full during severe turbulence, and literally didn’t have a care in the world while half the flight screamed!

Anyway, are you starting to see how effective Nutrient Restoration can be for you?

I’m super excited for you, and I’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow morning with your Day 2 Challenge!


Until Tomorrow,


PS – Researchers have found that drinking alcohol before bed can cause a 90% reduction in REM sleep…

Insufficient REM sleep causes anxiety and depression over time.

I could go on for hours about alcohol’s many negative effects on the brain-body system, including but not limited to:

  • Gut bacteria imbalances, leading to alcohol and sugar cravings
  • Blood sugar distortions, leading to low mood and panic attacks
  • Production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that block feel-good chemicals
  • Sluggish liver, shutting down fat burning and nutrient activation
  • Reduction of natural GABA, the brain’s primary calming neurotransmitter

Do you now see why alcohol is such a bad anti-stress and sleep aid?

Do you see how relying on alcohol for positive effects in your life is a bit like trying to make a best friend out of a pathological liar who robs your house every day?

Our true biochemical friends, the ones we can depend on to feel good consistently throughout our lives, are the nutrients we’ve evolved with for millions of years.

Once you learn this crucial fact, you can’t un-learn it, and you’ll wonder how you ever expected to function without supporting the “biochemical pillar” of your life.

You don’t even have to quit drinking entirely to start reaping the countless benefits of Nutrient Restoration.

Click here to get started and learn more about BioRebalance Restore!


Note: I’m not a doctor and this is not a medical detox program. If you currently have severe withdrawal symptoms, please consult a doctor. You can return to these valuable emails once you’re in stable condition.