A Sweat Per Day

Imagine if you quit your job today, dominated alcohol, and spent a decade studying the biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of excessive drinking.

That’s exactly what I did in 2014, and the biggest thing I’ve learned is this:

You’re not a robot that has been permanently programmed to drink alcohol.

The problem is, back in 2013, that’s exactly what I felt like: a robot with no free will.

I remember going for a jog on a foggy Sunday morning, after getting hammered all weekend, beating myself up for breaking yet another promise to myself not to drink.

My head pounded, my liver felt like a swollen balloon, and my bloated face looked like a jack-o-lantern when I glimpsed in the mirror on the way out of my apartment.

I struggled to find the right button to press in the elevator to the first floor, and once I got outside, I had to suppress vomit as soon as I started to jog.

I hadn’t felt this awful ever before, and I accepted that today wasn’t going to be fun.

I whispered to myself, “Suck it up motherf*****, you have to find a way out. For yourself and everyone else who’s going through this alone. Nothing else matters.”

As you can see, I’ve always been a bit hard on myself, but I’m also an incurable optimist, and I’m compelled to find a silver lining in any situation that arises.

I couldn’t promise myself that I wouldn’t ever drink again, since I didn’t understand the nature of the problem well enough to achieve that goal.

So instead, I promised that I would use the tremendous physical and emotional pain I felt that morning as fuel to transcend my problem once and for all…

And once I did that, I was going to devote the rest of my life to helping others who were silently struggling through the same thing.

I barely got through a mile of running before I nearly collapsed, but something inside of me had already changed: I had a new sense of mission.

This “psychic change” was not enough to keep me from drinking for another year, in part because I hadn’t discovered Nutrient Restoration and other strategies…

But my sense of mission stayed with me, and fast forward to 2015, and I was already helping people around the world transcend alcohol forever.

I discovered that anyone struggling to transcend alcohol has missing puzzle pieces, or Missing Links, that need to be identified and resolved…

And these Missing Links can be categorized into Biochemical, Psychological, Social, or Spiritual Pillars:

I call the diagram above the “Hierarchy of Recovery,” and it’s the basic framework that I use to help my private clients.

The good news is that you don’t need to master every part of this Hierarchy to transcend alcohol forever.

You just need to figure out what’s missing in your life, and start proactively addressing these Missing Links.

I discovered that I had several Missing Links, which I never would have resolved if I’d stuck to a one-dimensional, or one-size-fits-all, program (such as AA):

  • Nutrient Deficiencies – Biochemically, I had spent years depleting my body of its vital life force, and the only solution was Nutrient Restoration
  • False Beliefs – Psychologically, I identified close to 85 false beliefs about alcohol that I eventually reexamined and exploded (Here’s a dumb one: “It makes me better in bed!”)
  • Accountability – Socially, I needed support from at least one person who understood my goal of transcending alcohol forever (rather than labeling myself as an “alcoholic” forever), and ideally a tribe of like-minded people!
  • Spiritual Yearning – Spiritually, I had spent years allowing alcohol to steal from me the energy, clarity of mind, and discipline required to live the life I was born to live!

I’ve personally helped hundreds of private clients identify Missing Links that they weren’t even aware of before we talked.

Chronic loneliness, poor stress-coping skills, repressed trauma…I’ve even helped a very nice lady who realized that she drank primarily to “be nice” to her in-laws!

Can you relate to any of the Missing Links that I’ve mentioned so far?

Can you see how, along with Nutrient Restoration, identifying your Missing Links is necessary to ensure that you transcend alcohol forever?

Of course, this isn’t easy to do alone.

The good news is that I’ve created an exclusive online course that helps you identify your Missing Links and transcend alcohol forever.

Inside of Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, you’ll get 20+ hours of video lessons, a private Facebook group, discussion forums with personalized replies from our Fit Recovery coaches, and weekly group coaching with my podcast cohost Matt Finch!

Once you sign up, you get instant and lifetime access, and you’re part of the Fit Recovery Tribe for life.

We have a 100% money-back guarantee in case you decide it’s not for you.

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Day 2 Challenge: Identify at least one of your Missing Links and invest in your Best Self with Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0!

Until Tomorrow,


PS – Remember: Information is only valuable if you turn it into action.

Did you know that the “relapse” rates for going to the gym are the same as for addiction rehab?

90% of people stop going to the gym after the first month.

Not surprisingly, people who join a fitness community – like an MMA gym, CrossFit, Orange Theory – have much better success keeping it up over the long term.

The same is true for transcending alcohol, which you probably know from experience now.

If you join Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 today, you’ll get instant & lifetime access to all of the knowledge it took me a decade to gather – along with support and weekly group coaching – and this course is 50% off if you join today!

Note: I’m not a doctor and this is not a medical detox program. If you currently have severe withdrawal symptoms, please consult a doctor. You can return to these valuable emails once you’re in stable condition.