3 Weeks Alcohol Free

I’ve been taking the supplements religiously for the past month. It’s been over 3 weeks now without alcohol and I’m feeling so amazing.

I didn’t realize it was happening until I started to notice I wasn’t thinking about drinking, or trying not to drink, constantly. I watched a football game the other day, which was one of my biggest trigger times, sitting there drinking tea and realizing how I didn’t care about having a beer.

It just really dawned on me that the changes I was making and the supplements were really working! I rarely feel anxiety anymore and all around just feel better. I’ve also been doing really good with my eating and getting exercise. I just wanted anyone who feels like they’re still struggling to keep with it!

I was getting pretty down about not being able to really make this happen and now, in this short amount of time, I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up.

Thank you again Chris for all your awesome information and this course. It has been absolutely life changing.

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