5 Months Alcohol Free

I am now 5 months alcohol free and my life has changed for the better in countless ways that I could never have imagined when drinking.

The best advice I can give you is to keep layering tools into your recovery toolbox. Learning about PAWS and having an arsenal of weapons to fight it at the ready has been a lifesaver. In the past, I would relapse when PAWS hit because I was not educated. Now I know to ride it out and use the tools I have accumulated to deal with withdrawal symptoms on hand.

This time, I used the supplements, joined this course, changed careers (like Chris, my political job was absolutely driving me to drink) and made my needs absolutely clear to my family for the first time EVER!

Since giving up alcohol, I have returned to my nursing roots and Coaching Practice instead of returning to traditional healthcare and am eternally grateful for my new alcohol free life.

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