Day 11 Without Alcohol

I am on day 11 with no alcohol. I”ve been taking all of the recommended supplements daily, working out and eating well. I am absolutely amazed at how well the supplements are working for me. I feel so much better! My skin is better (my husband even commented on it) my energy level is better! I”m more connected with what’s happening with my body. I can’t stop talking about these supplements!

I’ve been in 2 different situations that would have normally sent me into high anxiety (crowded restaurant with lots of chaos & noise going on, overstimulus) it didn’t even phase me. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact feeling to describe, but now it’s just easier to go with the flow and let things happen, good or bad. Situations just don’t bother me the way they did before, yet I’m fully present in the moment. It’s so refreshing.

My son said to me ” mommy you laugh easier now, and you seem so happy all the time.” Although it kills me that he has seen me so unhappy, I am so thankful that I’m making this change for myself and especially my family. I’ve been very honest with my family about quitting for good, for my health and happiness.

Chris, want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this e-course. It has been worth every penny. I’ve tried to quit before and had horrible withdraws which lead me back to drinking. I now fully understand that what I was experiencing was PAWS. No wonder I didn’t make it very long, I was merely using will power to cut out alcohol, yet I had build my life around it.

I truly believe that now, thanks to this course, I have the tools and the right plan to quit for good. I’m so hopeful for the future. I feel like a hermit that has finally ventured outside, and it’s beautiful. There is so much potential now. Thank you again!

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