Day 39 No Alcohol!

Today is Day 39 no alcohol. Tomorrow will be Day 40!

One of the best parts of Chris’s Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, he never tells me to “slow down!” Or “Watch out!! You’re for sure going to relapse!!” I hated that about traditional recovery programs…they were always telling me I was about to fail!

Like your head coach telling you “you’re probably going to strike-out at your next at-bat”. Getting my Bio-Chemical repair in order has made me WANT to cook my own food, WANT to get back to being active, WANT to dive deeper in my personal and professional relationships and WANT to elevate my Spirituality!! My motivation to live life is through the roof!!!

Chris – Thank you for NOT telling me I need to sit on this couch, watch garbage TV…that I have to go to AA meetings all day long. Thank you for encouraging me to go get life!! I’m so happy!!!

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