Don’t Quit, Keep Going!

Chris, you have been my lifeline. I have never learned so much about myself nor has anyone else been able to guide me through this process. Not rehab, not AA or therapists. You have taken recovery to a new and exciting level!

Through your patient guidance, I have learned to quit fighting myself, my less desirable qualities. Just know what they are and put systems in place to overcome or at least tame this side of me. I truly think you have saved my life and my marriage! I can’t thank you enough. My whole family believes you must walk on water! We are all so fortunate to have found you!

For all the rest of my Fit Recovery Jedis…..keep going! It took me 8 long months, a lot of misery and frustration, since starting this course to really have it all sink in. I relapsed way too many times but I just got right back on it and tried again, and again…Ugh. I hope and feel that this time it will stick.

Something inside me just changed-not sure how to explain the feeling-but I wake up most days now (not ever day is heaven) feeling like, but more importantly, WANTING to take on the world! I am beginning to actually like who I am and know that I have worth.

I’m only 3 1/2 months in but I am now super excited for the future. I wish you all success in your sobriety journey!!

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