I would absolutely recommend Fit Recovery

I would absolutely recommend Fit Recovery and the on-line course Total Alcohol Recovery (TAR) 2.0! In summary, before discovering Fit Recovery, I relapsed after 3 1/2 years of being sober, this being after a year of non-stop stress from the pandemic and needing to completely rebuild my life financially. Now with Fit Recovery, I understand, that I never got my biochemistry back in order, so I was white knuckling everything. Immediately upon taking the amino acids, I noticed a difference. It is not just the supplements, this an entire program of self repair. Being part of the on-line program is wonderful as everyone is so supportive and we share ideas and encouragement. During the on-line program, there is continual support from the Fit Recovery Team. I remember daily the one time that Chris told me to Stay Proactive, Positive and Patient – and I would surely get there! And with Fit Recovery – you will too!

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