A 5 Minute Relapse Killer Workout

5 minute relapse killerIt’s amazing how quickly you can shift your mind onto a higher plane with a tiny dose of exercise.

I did this workout this morning. I was not on the verge of relapse, but I felt needed a quick boost of energy. I remembered the early days of recovery, when relapse always seemed imminent, and recalled how I used to do a 30 minute morning workout to ward off those dangerous blues.

The only problem was, I didn’t have 30 minutes to spare. I’d decided to catch up on sleep instead of getting a morning workout in, and in 30 minutes I needed to be meeting with a potential client.

I’m always better with clients when I’m sporting that relaxed glow that comes from a good workout.

So I busted out my speed cable jump rope and hit the pavement. Here’s the 5 minute routine that fixed my mood instantly:

1) Jump rope – 50 rotations as fast as possible

2) 15 push-ups

3) Repeat for a total of 3 sets

This is a high intensity workout with a total of 150 jump rope rotations and 45 push-ups. I’m no jump rope expert, but I define a rotation as one loop passing through your feet.

If you don’t rest in between sets, this won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.

You won’t be exhausted afterwards – but your endorphins will be flowing. You’ll find yourself in a totally different mind state than before the workout. When your heart rate finally goes down, it will be lower than it was before you started the workout. You won’t have any thoughts clouding your mind except for damn, I feel good right now.

After finishing the quick workout, I felt compelled to take a cold shower and seize the day like a warrior. I had pep in my step – all thanks to those 5 minutes that I could have chosen to spend differently. When I got to work, people smiled and nodded at me. The positive vibes released by healthy energy levels really are contagious.

This isn’t the best workout for long-term results. But it’s much better than nothing if you’re just starting out. It’s also a great solution for those sour moods that strike without warning and just won’t go away. Instead of infecting other people with your negativity, conquer it with exercise and positive thinking.

I highly suggest investing in a quality jump rope if you don’t have one. I ordered mine a few months ago because I’d just started training in boxing and Muay Thai with a fellow trainer at the gym. He recommended jump roping and after watching the below video of Floyd Mayweather, I ordered this one on Amazon and practice almost every day.

Learning boxing and other martial arts is a fantastic way to stay fit. It’s never too late to start training, and the real-life value of those skills can’t be understated.

When you can’t train long and hard, train smart!!!

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