How CBD Gummies For Sleep Is Used – Is It Worth A Try?

cbd gummies for sleep

CBD may assist with sleep by reducing anxiety. Colorado researchers examined the health records of 72 patients who were treated with CBD for either anxiety or poor sleep in a study published in the January edition of The Permanente Journal, published by the Kaiser-Permanente health insurance organization. Anxiety levels did decrease throughout the course of the three-month trial, even in those whose major complaint was a lack of sleep. The outcomes for individuals with sleep issues were less apparent, but many did report some improvement in the first month. 

Scientists have proposed several molecular reasons for how CBD may impact sleep and anxiety. Recent research has demonstrated that cannabis chemicals interact with receptors all over the body, including the brain, in the so-called endocannabinoid system. At least one of these receptors is known to impact the body’s sleep/wake cycle, providing one explanation for how CBD might directly affect sleep. If you want to try natural remedies for your sleep, you better search for a professional rehabilitation clinic near you and check if they have CBD gummies. CBD also interacts with another receptor in the brain that has been related to anxiety by studies. Shannon and other specialists said it with belief that before resorting to CBD for sleep, you should first try more established treatments. The greatest evidence is for a type of therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or CBT-I, which focuses on altering sleep-disrupting behaviors. If previous treatments haven’t worked for you and you want to try CBD for sleep, here are some things to think about, according to the experts we spoke with. 

CBD may be more effective for anxiety than for sleep 

Anxiety levels did decrease, even among those whose major complaint was a lack of sleep. The outcomes for individuals with sleep issues were less apparent, but many did report some improvement in the first month. There is more evidence for CBD’s capacity to relieve anxiety than for its ability to help you sleep, however relaxing may help you sleep as well. 

Short-term usage may be preferable

CBD’s effectiveness to help sleep may decline with time, so you may not want to use it on a daily or long-term basis. People whose major complaint was insomnia improved in the first month of Shannon’s research but subsequently faded in months two and three. Michael Backes, a cannabis science and policy specialist who wrote “Cannabis Pharmacy. The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” (BDL/Hachette, 2014), says his research and user interviews indicate that if a person is no longer chronically drowsy, CBD may paradoxically keep them awake. 

Higher dosages may be more effective 

There hasn’t been much study on dosage, but what there are shows that low doses may be ineffective. A 2004 research discovered that modest dosages (15 mg in this case) did not help people fall asleep and may have made them more awake. An earlier study discovered that a relatively high dose—160 mg—worked better than a lower one. Patients in Shannon’s trial were given a 25 mg dosage. Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of Albany in New York and a member of the NORML advisory board, recommends starting with a low dose of 30 mg and gradually increasing if that doesn’t work. He further warns that a dosage of 160 mg will be “very costly.” 

Consider the structure

According to Earleywine, who is also the author of “Understanding Marijuana,” vaping CBD may work faster since it immediately gets the chemical into your bloodstream (Oxford University Press, 2005). However, because CBD is released more slowly via tablets, oils, and edibles like gummy bears, they may help you sleep longer. If you choose one of these forms, Earlywine recommends taking it approximately an hour before going to bed. Learn more about the various types of CBD and how they impact the body differently. 

Search for high-quality items 

According to research, many CBD products do not contain what they advertise or are tainted with pesticides or other hazardous chemicals. (To learn more about how to shop for CBD products, go here.)

Do it with caution 

Finally, consult your doctor, especially if you are on other drugs, since CBD may interact with them. To learn more about how to use CBD properly, go here.

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