Kill Your Sweet Tooth With Casein

DSC_3700Like pretty much everyone who gives up booze, I developed a serious sweet tooth.

I started eating brownies all the time and things were headed in the wrong direction.

I broke the vicious brownie cycle with the help of casein protein powder.

Casein is derived from milk, and since it thickens when added to liquid, it turns into a pudding when you mix it with liquid.

Here’s a trick I learned by mistake: Leaving mixed-up casein and milk (or water) in the refrigerator overnight will make it much smoother and easier to eat. If you can plan ahead of time, I definitely recommend making it this way instead of dealing with the unpleasant clumps. These clumps just disappear in the fridge after a few hours.

Back to the benefits: Since casein digests more slowly than whey, it releases a slow stream of amino acids – and a high concentration of glutamine, which is necessary for muscle recovery – for up to 8 hours after ingestion.

Because you rebuild muscle while you’re sleeping, casein is the best option before bed. Since I began a casein routine, I’ve noticed that I sleep through the night better and I wake up without craving high calorie junk.

I also credit casein with helping me break through plateaus in several of my compound lifts that I’ve been working on during this time period.

It’s amazing how small tweaks can produce visible transformations. Here’s the brand I continue to use – it’s the best one I’ve tried:

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.27.33 PM

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