Milk Thistle For Liver Recovery After Quitting Drinking

Liver recovery after quitting drinking is a vital yet often overlooked step. When I drank, I often tried milk thistle liver detox supplements in an attempt to repair the damage that alcohol was doing to my body. I now think that using milk thistle helped me to avoid serious liver disease that could be expected at the level of alcohol that I was consuming.

liver recovery after quitting drinking

The purpose of this article is to consolidate everything I’ve learned about milk thistle, including how silymarin (milk thistle extract) works, the best milk thistle supplement brands, and research on the use of milk thistle for liver support.

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Thus, I’ll make sure you learn everything you need to know about liver recovery from excess drinking, milk thistle used for this purpose, and much more.

Since I quit drinking, I’ve spent a lot of time studying herbs and supplements that actually work to provide liver support and body repair after quitting drinking. This project wouldn’t be complete without an assessment of the benefits of milk thistle for liver protection against alcohol.

Symptoms Of Liver Problems

liver recovery after stopping drinking

Even moderate alcohol use can be deleterious to the liver, an indispensable organ that filters toxins. There is a high degree of correlation between liver health and mental functioning.

Symptoms of liver issues brought on by alcohol use can include:

  • Sluggishness
  • Skin rashes
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Frequent illness
  • Pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen
  • Yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice)

Actually, the last point above is a symptom of an inflamed pancreas. But if this situation is caused by alcohol consumption, then you can bet that your liver is not functioning at 100% either.

Except for jaundice, I suffered from all of the above symptoms during my drinking years. But I often had outbreaks of eczema that have disappeared since I quit drinking.

Alcohol is not the only compound that can jeopardize liver health. Pollution, infections, lack of sleep, antidepressants, OTC painkillers, and a poor diet can all contribute to liver dysfunction.

liver recovery

Because there are no pain receptors in the liver itself (only in the capsule surrounding it), people with liver injuries sometimes have no idea that something is wrong.

Whether your goal is to quit drinking or simply to protect your liver from alcohol damage, milk thistle can help.

Using Milk Thistle

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an herb native to southern Europe that typically grows over 10 feet tall and has red and purple flowers.

Despite the scarcity of properly devised scientific research on milk thistle, it has been used for well over 2,000 years to treat liver and gallbladder problems.

Silymarin is the natural compound in milk thistle that accounts for its liver-healing abilities. Milk thistle works by reducing liver inflammation and supercharging the liver’s ability to produce its own detoxification compounds.

In Germany, silymarin extract is commonly prescribed by doctors for various liver ailments, including issues caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Scientific evidence suggests that milk thistle or silymarin extract may protect the liver through the following mechanisms:

  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Prevention of liver fibrosis (scarring of tissue)
  • Immune system support
  • Membrane protection against toxins
  • Increased bile circulation


One of the most interesting mechanisms of milk thistle is its ability to increase glutathione, which I have written about often in other articles.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is produced in the liver in order to combat free radicals and repair oxidative damage.

liver recovery

In addition to increasing glutathione and protecting the liver, milk thistle offers a host of other benefits:

  • Prevents growth of cancer cells
  • Lowers “bad” cholesterol levels
  • Reduces skin inflammation (anti-aging properties)
  • Mops up free radicals throughout the body
  • Helps to repair gut health
  • Lowers blood sugar levels (diabetics should take care with milk thistle liver detox supplements)

People who are allergic to ragweed or chamomile may also be allergic to milk thistle. Symptoms of milk thistle allergies can include nausea, headache, and skin rashes.

Some people who start taking milk thistle supplements experience mild laxative effects that dissipate within a few days of use.

Best Milk Thistle Brand For Liver Recovery

When I took milk thistle liver detox supplements, I usually settled for the cheapest one available. You can find milk thistle supplements on Amazon for as low as $10.

Settling for the cheap stuff isn’t the smartest option when your health is at stake!

If I were a drinker looking to repair my liver, I would take Oweli Liver Detox.

To achieve the benefits of a milk thistle liver detox, you will want to take these supplements as directed on their labels for one month or more.

Oweli Liver Detox

liver detox supplement

Oweli Liver Detox contains 200 mg of milk thistle extract, as well as a host of other compounds shown to work in combination with milk thistle to support liver health: zinc, choline, beetroot, artichoke, dandelion, and others!

This brand is made by the same great people who make CBDPure, which is my favorite CBD oil supplement. (CBD has been a godsend for many of my clients, markedly reducing cravings in early recovery as well as providing relief for pain and inflammation.)

Here’s a full list of the ingredients in Oweli Liver Detox:

milk thistle liver detox

My private clients often take 2 capsules of Oweli Liver Detox each day before a meal. They often notice some unexpected benefits over time, including a mild energy boost and improved gut function.

Scientific Research

milk thistle liver detox

A number of scientific studies support the use of milk thistle liver detox supplements for alcohol damage:

  • A study showed that milk thistle significantly improved survival rates for alcoholic cirrhosis patients (source)
  • Among six studies of milk thistle for alcoholic liver disease, four reported improvement in at least one marker of liver function (source)
  • A study on rats showed that silymarin extract reversed moderate alcohol-induced liver damage, notably reducing oxidative stress and boosting glutathione levels (source)
  • In a study of 72 patients with fatty liver disease, silymarin extract was found to be effective for reducing biochemical and inflammation-oriented markers of liver disease (source)
  • Milk thistle has documented anti-cancer activity at the cellular level (source) and the mechanisms by which this occurs are becoming better understood (source)

Research on milk thistle has often been clouded by study design flaws – for example, designating study duration of only a few months to determine whether milk thistle can cure patients with fatal end-stage liver disease.

Moreover, media coverage of milk thistle is often confused by bad reporting. I’ve repeatedly come across a failure to discuss whether the “effectiveness” of milk thistle is being discussed in the context of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis, or alcoholic liver damage.

This matters because research results vary, depending on which condition is being treated.

In the context of liver damage wrought by heavy drinking, the use of milk thistle has proven to be safe, well-tolerated, and effective.

My Experience

As I mentioned, I used a milk thistle liver detox supplement years ago after bouts of heavy drinking. When I did this, I noticed a few positive benefits:

  • I felt less malaise the day after particularly heavy binges
  • Pressure in the upper right portion of my abdomen decreased
  • I felt slightly more clear-headed than usual
  • I felt no side effects from taking milk thistle liver detox supplements

While nothing proved miraculous enough to “cure” my deep-rooted problem with alcohol, I think that milk thistle is a very effective measure for protecting the liver from toxins like alcohol.

By the time I stopped drinking, I was used to consuming well over a fifth of alcohol each night just to keep my hands from shaking. By this point, I was taking milk thistle on a regular basis, hoping that it would at least save my liver while I looked for ways to get help. I was terrified at the prospect of developing alcoholic cirrhosis.

liver recovery

I also took a one-month supply of milk thistle after I quit drinking, as part of my effort to restore my biochemistry and optimize my health.

I think that milk thistle should absolutely be taken by anyone who falls into these categories:

  • Moderate to heavy drinkers who do not have an alcohol problem but want to preserve liver health
  • Heavy drinkers who are out of control and worried about their liver health
  • Ex-drinkers who want to repair liver damage from years of heavy drinking

If you have any pain or soreness in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen, especially after heavy drinking sessions, this could be a sign that you need to cut down on alcohol and detox your liver.

Further Considerations

Heavy drinking damages the lining of the stomach and intestines, leading to problems absorbing nutrients and preventing free radical damage that can affect the liver.

In addition to taking milk thistle liver detox supplements, I highly recommend taking probiotics (“good bacteria” that dwell in your gut) and digestive enzymes. These will help to restore balance to your gut and increase the absorption of everything you consume.

You can find digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements on Amazon or in your local grocery store. You can also help to repair your digestive system by consuming the following foods:

  • Fresh Papaya – contains enzymes that help you digest
  • Aloe Vera – contains compounds that protect the gut lining
  • Ginger – contains anti-inflammatory compounds and eases digestion
  • Kombucha or Kimchi – great source of probiotics
  • Greek Yogurt or Kefir – great source of probiotics

how to stop alcohol cravings
My gut detox meal of papaya, fresh aloe vera, ginger, and kombucha.

If you drink too much alcohol and you’d like to reverse course before it becomes a huge problem, these free resources can help you out more than you presently know:


I hope this article has provided you with useful information on how milk thistle liver detox supplements can help you repair your body from excessive drinking.

If you drink as heavily as I once did, then perhaps you’ve entertained the idea of quitting drinking for good.

If you have any questions about liver recovery after quitting drinking, please post them in the comment box below.

Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery


Is milk thistle good for alcoholic liver disease?

Milk thistle may help with alcoholic liver disease by reducing inflammation, boosting production of glutathione, protecting membranes from toxins, and increasing bile circulation. In the U.S. it is a supplement and not a drug, although it is prescribed in countries like Germany. Talk to your doctor first if you have alcoholic liver disease.

How quickly does the liver recover after stopping drinking?

Alcohol-related liver damage can heal in a few days to a few weeks. People with alcoholic fatty liver disease often require several months without alcohol to see normal liver tests. Check out our guide on repairing your body and brain after quitting drinking.

How long does it take for milk thistle to work?

Milk thistle starts working right away to help support liver function. However, healing the liver can be a long-term process depending on the extent of liver damage.

What can you not take with milk thistle?

Since milk thistle can slow down the action of the liver enzyme CYP3A4, it may increase blood levels of certain drugs that this enzyme processes. It may also reduce levels of other drugs and compounds, including the hormone estrogen. If you take medications, talk to your doctor before adding milk thistle into your supplement regimen.

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Kelly Dobbs
Kelly Dobbs
11 months ago

I was diagnosed with alcoholic fatty liver disease 4 years ago and it absolutely terrified me. The doctors made it sound like a death sentence and it hit me hard. My life changed dramatically and I suffered terribly unti I found this website: Thanks to this website I lost weight and my liver function improved beyond belief. I feel more energized, happier and the transformation in my health has been nothing short of a miracle. I not only feel 100 times better, but I barely need to take any insulin at all anymore. 

Tana Peaco
10 months ago
Reply to  Kelly Dobbs

That is awesome, Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

great post

anne boyle
anne boyle
4 years ago

can you take milk thistle when you are epileptic

5 years ago

I have a damaged liver from years of heavy drinking. I have previously used milk thistle without really noticing any effects. My liver keeps improving, but still has a little ways to go. I took your advice to try the Absorb Health Milk Thistle. I take one a day as that is what the label says. I can say without hesitation that I noticed a difference in just a few days. I felt better. all over. My eyes, my skin, my mood, my exercise were all improved.. I’ve been taking for several weeks. now. I’m not scheduled for a new… Read more »

Marcus Dement
Marcus Dement
5 years ago

I just quit drinking on my own and am pretty sick. I have just been diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis. I am extremely tired, have no appetite, swollen abdomen, swollen ankles, and lots of aches and pains. I am supposed to have a CT scan to confirm diagnosis. Gastro Dr says no cure–might take months to get better. Regular vitamins I tried to take make me nauseated. Would it be okay to start the milk thistle now? And do you have any experience with no appetite and aches and pains? I have just found your website and started reading. I downloaded… Read more »

Dave Crabtree
Dave Crabtree
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris Scott

Alcoholism sucks. I’ve known so many others who have suffered GREATLY under it’s lash.