My Morning Routine For Alcohol Recovery

In this video, I’ll discuss the morning routine that I devised after I quit drinking.

Over the years, I’ve adjusted this morning routine to fit different wake-up times and schedules.

However, I’ve made it a habit never to wake up and run out the door in a hurry.

Doing so would be reminiscent of the years I spent drinking every night and feeling out of control before my day had even begun.

As with all lifestyle improvements, the benefits of a solid morning routine compound with time:

  • Less anxiety throughout the day
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Greater sense of purpose
  • More control over schedule
  • Sense of accomplishment even before work

You can watch the video here:

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My Morning Routine

In the video above, I explain why I use this routine – but I’ll give you the basic rundown here:

  • Wake up: Think of THREE things I’m grateful for and ONE thing I’m going to achieve today, and take a few DEEP breaths
  • Brush my teeth, take my supplements, etc.
  • Start coffee/tea brewing and meditate for about ten minutes
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
  • Do a very brief workout
  • Shower, eat a big breakfast, and take some adaptogens
  • Start my day off feeling calm, confident, and productive

It’s best to think of this routine as a blueprint, not a strict obligatory schedule.

Perhaps you prefer to work out before you meditate, or maybe you can wait to make your coffee until you have breakfast. Everyone is different.

My point is that it pays to have a routine that serves as a blueprint.

Write it down so that you remember it. Paste it to your refrigerator if you have to.

If you have trouble starting a morning routine because of insomnia, I feel for you – I used to have this problem too.

My current favorite solution for insomnia issues is an awesome supplement called Sleep Support. I’ve also found reading before bed to be the best sleep aid of all time, especially since a book can fill you with knowledge and inspiration.

You can read about other strategies to conquer insomnia in my article about alcohol withdrawal insomnia.

Concluding Thoughts

In the video above, I allude to the importance of nutritional repair for alcohol addiction.

My overall levels of willpower, discipline, and optimism about the future compounded over time because I was repairing my brain and body with the help of intelligent supplementation.

My morning routine simply augmented my commitment to supplementation, exercise, and self-improvement.

I hope you enjoyed this video! Feel free to subscribe on YouTube to stay posted for more.

If you have any questions about devising a morning routine for alcohol recovery, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery

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Chris Scott founded Fit Recovery in 2014 to help people from around the world dominate alcohol dependence and rebuild their lives from scratch. A former investment banker, he recovered from alcohol dependence using cutting-edge methods that integrate nutrition, physiology, and behavioral change. Today, Chris is an Alcohol Recovery Coach and the creator of an online course called Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0.


Dr. Rebeca Eriksen is the Nutritional Consultant for Fit Recovery. She has a PhD in Nutritional Genetics from Imperial College London, and over ten years of clinical experience designing custom nutritional repair regimens for patients recovering from alcohol addiction. In addition to her work at the exclusive Executive Health clinic in Marbella, Spain, she helps to keep Fit Recovery up to date with emerging research.


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Ed C
Ed C
3 years ago

Enjoyed reading. I did order the vitamins for withdrawal , wondering if I should take them when I am on Crestor, and Prozac? Not worried about the elements just the herbs. May MD doesn’t know as it has not been tried by any of his patients so he is taking the fifth.

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