Workout Planning 101

PETJ1QQXKEWhen I first hit the gym after detoxing, I went with a group of guys who had also just quit their addictions. All of them wanted to get into shape. Very few of them knew what they were doing in there.

Absolutely none of them had a lifting plan.

I wasn’t yet a professional fitness trainer (certifications mean jack shit), but I’d benefited from years of trial and error in the gym. One of the things I’d learned was that you do need a plan, even if it’s just a blueprint, in order to make gains.

Without a plan I’ve always tended to slack off and come up with excuses for not working out.

These days, I’m a big fan of using the very simple notes app in my phone. Here’s an example of a plan I wrote:

Big Plan

Below the master plan, I clarify which exercises I’ll be doing:

Legs, Pulling, Pushing

I also spell out what kind of HIIT & Abs are involved (to clarify, I complete the sprints before tackling the simple ab program):

HIIT & Abs

With all of this in place, after each workout I’ll record the number of sets and reps that I do for each exercise, so that I can measure my progress:

Day Example

I’m sure there are fancier apps to facilitate workout planning, but the purpose of this article is to show you how easily you can start tracking your progress.

Just write it down, and then, GO DO IT!!

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