My Coconut Kava Cocktail Recipe

I’ve written repeatedly that I often feel best with nothing in my system – not even coffee! – and that’s true.

But because I am a human being, sometimes I want something that tastes great and elevates my spirit.

As anyone knows who’s read Drinking Sucks!, alcohol is a suboptimal means to this end.

I prefer compounds that don’t kill my brain cells, lower my IQ, damage my liver, bloat my face, make me skinny-fat, ruin my sleep schedule, cause next-day anxiety, or increase my risk of various forms of cancer.

Heavy deadlifting is my “drug of choice” but unfortunately, I can’t do this every day. Or even every other day. It takes 72 hours for the legs to fully recover from heavy weight workouts.

And so the other day, I decided to get high with a brisk jog, a steak and broccoli sprout lunch, a gym steam room session, and dinner out with a lady – all followed by the kava cocktail (kocktail?) recipe I will share with you now.

Feel free to steal it. You can thank me later.

Coconut Kava Cocktail Ingredients

The following will make enough for two people:

Coconut Kava Cocktail Instructions

Pour all of the above ingredients into a shaker typically used for mixed drinks.

  • Shake it up for 10-15 seconds and simply pour it out into glassware of your choice.
  • Enjoy your coconut kava cocktail and have a nice day

I used a kava shaker, which comes with a hollow ball filter that you would only need for non-micronized kava powder.

The kava powder from Top Extracts is micronized, which means that it will dissolve very easily.

(I recommend a kava shaker if you plan on experimenting with different types of kava in the future, but for our purposes here, any shaker will be just fine.)

Coconut Kava Cocktail Results

I think that this recipe tastes kind of like iced chai tea, and the lady agreed.

Neither the cocoa powder nor the monkfruit overpowers the spices.

This recipe is loaded with health benefits, thanks to the antioxidants in chocolate, cancer-fighting compounds in monkfruit, anti-inflammatory compounds in the spices, and the adaptogenic properties of reishi mushroom.

In terms of functional benefits, this recipe made us feel chilled out without being stupefied. Some people react to kava differently – e.g., some people just become sleepy. Others feel nothing unless the kava dosage is increased. The effects will depend on the person.

Due to reverse tolerance with kava, you will generally require less kava to feel effects if you have had kava before.

I do not like to use kava for multiple days in a row, because I don’t need to feel too relaxed all the time.

But on a nice evening, it sometimes hits the spot.

Got Any Kava Recipes?

There are many kava recipes out there.

Some people like to mix kava with lemonade, fruit smoothies, kombucha, or even coffee drinks.

The kava powder from Top Extracts can be blended with virtually anything, because it contains refined kavalactones. Often, the kava drinks that you will find in kava bars look and taste somewhat muddy.

I do not mind the taste of less refined kava. But powder that consists mostly of kavalactones gives more latitude in creating drinks that actually taste good.

Share your own recipes in the comments section below!

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Virginia owens
Virginia owens
5 years ago

Is Alcohol Support available in South Africa ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Chris Scott

Hi Chris,
What other recipes can you make of Kava. Kava is a common and traditional drink here in Vanuatu and would be interesting to know.

Chris Scott
3 years ago
Reply to  Rtamata

Hi Rtamata, I’d think you’d have better recipes than me! I tend to stick to the one in this article, or else I take Top Extracts 60% kavalactones and dissolve it in spring water (tastes like nothing). Be sure to use my online course coupon code if you use – TAR20.



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